Make Today Awesome

Blackmans Bay Beach – My Morning Walk

“Choosing” My Day

On the top of my “To Do” list template it says “Make Today Awesome”‘

But to be honest, I don’t even notice those words. I’m too busy trying to get all the things in my head out on paper. And then I am too busy trying to cross off the list!

I wonder what would happen if I really tried to make today an awesome day? Maybe instead of being grumpy that I have too much to do, I would choose differently.

  • I might choose to see the glory of the sky
  • Or the rush of water on sand at the beach
  • Perhaps I could choose to enjoy my conversations with people
  • I could even breathe deeply, and give this moment to God

It’s so easy to forget that each day is a treasure.

So, I really must remember to “choose” my day more carefully.

I wonder, would there be a shift, so my days became awesome? Who knows!

But at least I might be a little less stressed, a little more relaxed, and you never know, perhaps a bit more playful! 🙂

And that might just be awesome.

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