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HELLO! My name is Jenny Baxter.

Please contact me to sAY “hI”, OR for editing, writing or speaking queries, by filling in the form below . . .
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A long time ago, in a city far, far away I began proofreading for national Christian magazine On Being  where my husband, Stephen, worked as the graphic designer. We were young, enthusiastic and felt privileged to be part of this exciting venture in inner-city Melbourne.

Some years later Stephen and I, plus a few good friends, took on the publishing of On Being, and we became Directors of the not-for-profit company 36 Media Ltd. (At this point I feel it is important to honour the original founders of On Being: Kevin Smith, David Boan, Richard Temby, Andy (still trying to remember his surname); and a little later Richard Horne and Owen Salter, who were among the trailblazers of Australian Christian media in the 1970s.)

In 1996 we morphed On Being into Alive magazine. While I was not involved in its everyday running, I watched, I learnt, and I eventually had a feeling I might be more closely involved.

When we took on the ailing magazine Christian Woman in July 2000 I had no idea that two years later I would become the Product Manager, and eventually the Editor, and that one day it would be published across both Australia and New Zealand.

I mean, who would have thought!

We eventually sold both magazines on to new Sydney publishing company Media Incorp in 2003. In early 2004 Stephen and I, along with four of our five children, moved to beautiful Tasmania and I worked remotely with Media Inc until I finished up with them in February 2010.

In anticipation of that endpoint I did some study at the University of Tasmania, and in 2009 qualified with a Post Graduate Certificate of Journalism, Media and Communications. Then in March 2010 I began working as the Communications Manager with ultra106five, Hobart’s Christian radio station.

Funnily enough I had also taken on volunteer radio announcing in the little Tasmanian town of Poatina where we had moved. And when we shifted to Hobart three years later I continued with radio, this time with ultra106five. So taking on the role of  Communications Manager there was quite a natural progression.

There was more to come! In September 2012 I was offered, and accepted, the position of State Manager for Samaritan’s Purse, overseeing the Operation Christmas Child project in Tasmania, recruiting and training volunteers, and growing the project in as many ways as possible: speaking, encouraging, running the “shoebox processing” season every October, visiting shoebox receiving countries with some amazing volunteer teams, networking around the state, and the list goes on. It has been a wonderful experience.

In July 2016, things changed again and I moved on from the wonderful work at Samaritan’s Purse.

Now I am working on a new blog/website concept, snippets of which will appear on this site while I ramp up to a website launch in 2017. Also, there are radio spots to write and record, places to go, people to see . . .

I am back to freelance writing, editing and speaking, and making myself available to assist others in their communication endeavours.

So the question is: How can I assist you?
Let me know!

Jenny Baxter
B. App Sci (Biophysics/Instrumental Science)
Grad Cert Journalism, Media & Communications
Accredited Families Course Trainer

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