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I was never a very fast reader. My friends were always one reading level ahead of me in primary school. However I now realise that’s not such a bad thing. It’s because I was reading far more carefully. For me, skim-reading is next to impossible.

Given all that, it’s not surprising my teachers and I always thought I was a Science and Maths girl. I eventually went on to do a Bachelor of Applied Science (Biophysics/Instrumental Science). But not before surprising everyone, my teachers and myself included, when my Year 12 English result was way better than any of my Science/Maths subjects!

What happened next

Pre-motherhood, I began proofreading On Being magazine, trained by the editor Owen Salter. Eventually, post mother-of-toddler-hood, I became the Product Manager, and finally Editor of sister publication, Christian Woman. As a result I learnt about copy-editing, editing, scheduling, writing, even more about proofreading, and trained quite a few co-workers in those tasks.

Haha! I was a magazine junkie!

Going beyond magazines

In 2009 I affirmed all this on-the-job training with a qualification, going back to university to study a Postgraduate Certificate in Journalism, Media and Communications. It’s probably where I should have been directing my attentions at the outset! The upside? I know a whole lot more about my science majors than your average editor.

Now, I live and breathe articles, pamphlets, documents, newsletters, websites, emails and just about anything else you can throw at me 🙂

Since my magazine era I’ve taken on these positions: Communications Manager (ultra106five FM Hobart); Event Manager and Marketing Coordinator (Citywide Baptist Church); State Manager (Samaritan’s Purse/Operation Christmas Child, Australia); Communications Manager (Music Buzz); and Communications Manager (Tasmanian Baptists).

As well, I’ve learnt the skill of radio-announcing and interviewing, which took me into the world of podcasting!


Jenny is the most amazing editor I have had the pleasure of working with. How she takes an average piece of writing and turns it into gold is a skill and a gift that I will never understand!
I have had the opportunity to have Jenny edit some of my articles and the difference between what I thought was ready to publish and her end product were light years apart!
Jenny is truly a remarkable editor!
Nathaniel Garvin
Director at Musicbuzz
I have enjoyed liaising with Jenny, in her role as Editor of Christian Woman magazine on numerous occasions. She has demonstrated decisive and thoughtful choices with regard to content to include in CW.
She is a courteous and respectful communicator and an efficient operator who supervised her staff at a distance with great results.
Kim Vanden Hengel
Major Supporter Manager at ReachOut Australia
Excellent work Jenny well done, you can communicate vision, just use the language you have used here in your presentations, love it!
Jason Potter
Assistant National Manager, Operation Christmas child 2013-2015

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